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The Coluzzi Difference

The Coluzzi Difference means being in-the-know.  Our team is up to date on current trends throughout the local industry both at the city and county level.  Unlike national brands, we strive to provide you with local market expertise.   Sign up below to stay connected with helpful tips, tricks, and real estate relevant news.

Living in Iowa: What you need to know about lead-based paint

Lead poisoning causes serious health problems, especially for young children. One of the major causes of lead poisoning is lead-based paint. The federal government restricted the use of lead in household paint in 1978. Before this, lead was a common additive to interior and exterior house paint. But that doesn’t mean lead-based paint is a [...]

Awesome Things To Do in the Woodland Heights Neighborhood

The Woodland Heights neighborhood is well-loved for its charming older homes and fantastic location. Being just a couple of minutes from downtown and within walking distance of dining and shopping on Ingersoll Avenue has its advantages. Not only that, but residents and community organizations have worked hard to make this one of the most up-and-coming [...]