Des Moines Duplex: Before and After


Tearing it Down to Build it Up This dilapidated two story duplex was not in great shape aesthetically, but the bones were there so Bob Coluzzi, our director of construction, began to work his magic of adding bathrooms, moving walls, clearing debris, cleaning up the lot. This duplex has one unit on the [...]

Des Moines Duplex: Before and After 2020-08-31T16:46:20-05:00

Five Stars on 5th Avenue


Once upon a time... ...in a land not so far away, there sat an 800 square foot ranch which greeted its visitors with a lackluster living room. The wall paint begged for an update. The floors squawked for attention. The kitchen sat devoid of appliances and a curiously high ratio of upper to lower [...]

Five Stars on 5th Avenue 2020-08-17T15:56:59-05:00

Chandelier Palace


How many chandeliers can you find? This property boasts investor potential as well as a variety of chandeliers in the majority of the rooms. Who says chandeliers are only for the dining room anyway? Check out the virtual tour to see them for yourself. Did you know that chandeliers have been around [...]

Chandelier Palace 2020-08-31T17:27:55-05:00

The Berengaria Hotel


Happy Halloween! Manny was busy digging through the Matterport 3D Gallery this week and stumbled across this spooky space. Nestled in the mountains of Cypress, the Beregaria Hotel opened in 1931 as a luxurious getaway for the rich and famous. The casino and nightlife bustling until the owner died and left the business in [...]

The Berengaria Hotel 2020-01-15T14:20:22-06:00



Upstaging the Competition We have two tours to display today: before staging and after staging. This 3 bed / 1 bath sits in the heart of the Woodland Heights neighborhood, near the trendy shops and eateries on Ingersoll and Grand. Take a look at how some furniture, artwork, and knickknacks took this house from [...]

Upstaged 2020-09-10T10:33:17-05:00

Remodeled and Revamped


Fully Remodeled and Full of Charm From baby blue walls downstairs and hot pink walls with sticker-laden doors upstairs, this 1,800 square foot home has been fully remodeled and is move-in ready. Today, let's compare the before and afters. Everything behind the scenes is in tip top shape, but check out how the finishes [...]

Remodeled and Revamped 2020-09-10T10:27:48-05:00

Fixer Upper ‘Round the River


Fixer Upper 'Round the River Nestled in the River Bend neighborhood this salt-and-pepper colored home is ready for renovations. While scanning this property, Manny found some unique details. Besides the bright red carpet, the living room had a "security lamp." There were doll heads strewn around.  Furthermore, the black room upstairs is fitted [...]

Fixer Upper ‘Round the River 2020-08-31T17:33:39-05:00

Three Story Stunner


Three Story Stunner What's better than a fully remodeled and roomy home? One with a super fun bonus room in the attic! Did we mention that it's finished up there too? Dream about all the ways you would use this space while you explore this virtual tour. [...]

Three Story Stunner 2020-09-10T10:29:26-05:00

Lake Shasta Caverns


Lake Shasta Caverns Manny has taken us through so many properties in the central Iowa area, but did you know he has cousins elsewhere? That's right. The world if full of Manny doppelgangers! This space, scanned by Scherba Media, isn't a house or even a building for that matter. The Lake Shasta Caverns in [...]

Lake Shasta Caverns 2020-01-15T14:22:10-06:00

Remodeled and Revamped


Va-Va-Voom! Remodeled and Revamped Last week, Manny took us on an adventure through a fully gutted house. This week, we have the opportunity to compare the before and after side by side. To say that this little home has made some gigantic strides in the right direction is an understatement. Everything is new. New [...]

Remodeled and Revamped 2020-01-15T14:23:09-06:00