Expert Panel: Current Rental Market Trends

Expert Panel: Current Rental Market Trends

Meetup Date: November 19, 2020

This month, we’re bringing back local property management experts! We spoke with Brad Neal and Ben Flurey six months ago about the changes and trends in the local rental market concerning COVID-19 and more. We learned that the market wasn’t as bleak as we were fearing back in the spring. Our speakers discussed some of their incentive programs to improve rent collection rates. How have these programs been working out?

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Who Are These Experts?

We’ll let Brad and Ben introduce themselves, but let it be known that Coluzzi Real Estate and Sell Now Iowa think they’re the best in the business!

Brad Neal

I’m Brad Neal. I own and operate Renters Warehouse Iowa in Urbandale, Iowa.  Fun fact: I am also a licensed attorney in Iowa, and I practiced law in Eastern Iowa and Central Iowa for ten years prior to starting Renters Warehouse Iowa.  Renters Warehouse Iowa manages residential rental properties from single family homes up to mid-sized multifamily properties throughout Central Iowa from its Urbandale location.

Brad Neal is owner and manager at Renters Warehouse Des Moines

Ben Flurey

Ben Flurey here. I have been in property management in the Des Moines area for my entire career. I grew up with my grandparents owning and managing rental properties in Northern Iowa. My vision for RPM Iowa is to strive for the best possible communication and customer service for all customers, residents, and clients. My approach is simple: “you first.” Come join the experience!

Ben Flurey is a general manager for RPM Iowa

Disclaimer: Please consult with your own real estate, tax, and/or legal professionals before making any decisions. Coluzzi Real Estate INC sponsors the meetup, but does not profit from the business of the guest speakers.


About the Author:

Jessica moved to Des Moines in 2014 and absolutely positively loves the city for its big-little style and its vibrant real estate market in which she currently invests. She is also a frequent attendee of the DSM Real Estate Investing and FIRE Meetups. Jessica enjoys home projects of all scales from full on remodels to small paint jobs. She loves sharing odd facts and puns, learning about economics and biology, and exercising outside though she is no marathon runner or RAGBRAI champ.