October 1, 2020 FIRE Meetup

Getting back to the basics of financial independence.

Join us next month! We meet every month on the first Thursday starting at 6pm.

Chat log available here.

Links of interest courtesy of Ryan Renze:

The 10 Pillars of FI (Choose FI)

The FIRE Flow Chart


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Disclaimer: This conversation/meetup is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult with Real Estate, Tax, and/or Legal professionals before making any decisions.


About the Author:

Jessica moved to Des Moines in 2014 and absolutely positively loves the city for its big-little style and its vibrant real estate market in which she currently invests. She is also a frequent attendee of the DSM Real Estate Investing and FIRE Meetups. Jessica enjoys home projects of all scales from full on remodels to small paint jobs. She loves sharing odd facts and puns, learning about economics and biology, and exercising outside though she is no marathon runner or RAGBRAI champ.