Chandelier Palace

How many chandeliers can you find?

This property boasts investor potential as well as a variety of chandeliers in the majority of the rooms. Who says chandeliers are only for the dining room anyway? Check out the virtual tour to see them for yourself.

Did you know that chandeliers have been around for over 800 years? The first chandeliers were modestly composed of a wooden cross holding candles at each end. By the 17th century, artisans began adding rock crystals for some glitzy style. Soon enough glass beads and glass flowers were being crafted and added to the mix.

As gas lighting became more popular and affordable, chandeliers began to feature glass decorations that would shade the glare. They also served to contain the flame which increased fire safety. When electric lighting came around designs took many directions! Lights could be directed upwards (as candles were obliged to do) or downwards to maximize brightness.

Sources: Italian Lighting Centre, Walls with Stories, Lights Online

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