Investing is an Adventure

Investing Can Be Quite an Adventure

Walk through the front door and be greeted with a pile of old televisions. They were free for the taking! To the dump that is… The rest of the house was in basic investor-ready condition. Our construction team prepped the area and removed debris leaving a blank slate for the next investor. Continue through the tour and you’ll find yourself in the basement where there is a fantastic collection of bricks strewn about the floor. The foundation had much to be desired, but don’t worry, it’s been repaired and looks great these days.

Rescuing Doug the Kitten

This is the old home that Bob Coluzzi,  construction director, rescued Doug the cat! He took one look at Doug’s bright blue eyes and knew that the Coluzzi Real Estate office was the place that Doug needed to be! Bob brought him back to the office and Jen Echterling took up the task of cleaning up the fluffy, flea-ridden, stinky, white kitten. Since then, Doug has been an integral part of our team (and flea-free!). Today, we’re proud to have such a great personality heading up our human resources department!

So while you might not find Doug in this Coluzzi Virtual Tour, you’ll have new appreciation for just how adventurous investing can be! Check out the interactive tour by clicking the yellow-circled button below! Want more Doug? Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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About the Author:

Jessica moved to Des Moines in 2014 and absolutely positively loves the city for its big-little style and its vibrant real estate market in which she currently invests. She is also a frequent attendee of the DSM Real Estate Investing and FIRE Meetups. Jessica enjoys home projects of all scales from full on remodels to small paint jobs. She loves sharing odd facts and puns, learning about economics and biology, and exercising outside though she is no marathon runner or RAGBRAI champ.