Before Talking with an Agent: Buying

Buying a house can be an exciting time! Before calling an agent, you will want to get a few things ready.

First: Think about what are you going to do about your current residence. If you own your home your Coluzzi Real Estate agent can list your home as well. We can write an agreement that lets you purchase a home on a contingency of selling your current home.

Second: Put your finances in order. Either have a Proof of Funds (if buying with cash) or your mortgage promissory note. This way your agent knows you are a serious buyer and can search for homes in the right price range.

Third: Write down a want and need list. This is a great way to narrow down what is truly important for your next home. You will want to bring both lists to your agent. Here at Coluzzi Real Estate, we will not stop searching until you are happy. Remember to keep your requirements realistic for your price range and area.

Fourth: Bring a positive attitude. If you have a very specific wants/needs list then it might take some time to find all those requirements. Sometimes deals fall through, but there will always be more.

Fifth: Grab your phone and call Coluzzi Real Estate to find your dream home!



  • Proof of Funds or Mortgage Promissory Note
  • Want List
  • Need List
  • Positive Attitude
  • Phone



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