How Sell Now Iowa Can Help Me

What is Sell Now Iowa?

Sell Now Iowa is a program within Coluzzi Real Estate. Our goal is to help people out from under a property in distress. We understand that everyone comes into hardship. This can be for many reasons such as unemployment, medical expenses, divorces, or death of a loved one. We are not here to help, not judge. Call us anytime for a free initial consultation.

How would Sell Now Iowa help me?

Sell Now Iowa offers quick closing for distressed properties such as facing foreclosure, bankruptcy or have significant property repairs. We have in-house real estate investors, contractors, and realtors which means we can give you a decision within 24 hours. Your property can he closed as soon as 10 days. This offers a way to save  you time, money, and stress.

Will the offer be full value?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer full value. We will be able to offer you a way to get out of debt and stay on your feet without negatively affecting your credit. A bad credit can cause you to be unable to get loans in the future.

What if my house is already in foreclosure?

If the foreclosure process has already been started, we can help negotiate directly with the bank. Options include delaying the auction and short sale coordination.

What if I would rather put my house on the market?

For those homes in excellent condition, listing with our firm (Coluzzi Real Estate) will help achieve maximum value.


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