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The Coluzzi Difference

The Coluzzi Difference means being in-the-know.  Our team is up to date on current trends throughout the local industry both at the city and county level.  Unlike national brands, we strive to provide you with local market expertise.   Sign up below to stay connected with helpful tips, tricks, and real estate relevant news.

Home Buying Process

Step 1: Offer Accepted Some find their dream home immediately while others need more time. Either way, the home buying process is the same. It all starts when the buyer's offer is accepted by the seller. Remember that the acceptance of an offer needs to be signed by both parties. Earnest money is a deposit [...]

How Sell Now Iowa Can Help Me

What is Sell Now Iowa? Sell Now Iowa is a program within Coluzzi Real Estate. Our goal is to help people out from under a property in distress. We understand that everyone comes into hardship. This can be for many reasons such as unemployment, medical expenses, divorces, or death of a loved one. We are [...]

Types of Loans

USDA Loan USDA Loan is to help people with low to moderate income who are looking for single family housing. There is no money down and you can update and/or move from the home. To be eligible: Meet income requirements Will be your primary residence U.S. Citizen, U.S. non-citizen national or Qualified Alien Legal capacity [...]

What Makes CRE Different?

What Makes Coluzzi Real Estate Different Coluzzi Real Estate is not a franchise or owned by an outside party. Our Broker, Mitch Coluzzi, built this company from the bottom up. Since 2014 our firm has grown and expanded. We now offer services that other firms cannot compete with. We are committed to serving your needs whether [...]